My Big Announcement


Authenticity and transparency go hand in hand. I have been thinking on this for a while now and how to “package” my new business venture to my friends and family so that they would understand what I’m doing and why. I always strive to be authentic and transparent. So here goes nothing.

I’m turning 30 in October (ugh…why?!) and this past year I’ve started to notice how young I used to look in my photos from just a few years ago. My face has changed. I have laugh lines and smile lines now that I didn’t have before. I’ve considered Botox and I even tried injectable fillers to make the lines go away last year. It worked, but it came at a price, it was painful and it wasn’t permanent. Surprise, surprise.

I’ve been watching my friend Lynsey Boothe for a while, posting on Facebook about Rodan and Fields. I was a skeptic when I first heard of them 2 years ago and decided against becoming a consultant because I didn’t fully understand the business opportunity. I thought, “theres no way I’m trying that.” I finally decided to join Lynsey after months and months of research and prayer. Rodan + Fields products are everything Proactiv was plus a whole lot more. They want their customers to have great skin and to be successful. Not only do they tackle adult acne and scarring, these products address sun damage, anti-aging, and sensitive skin. They are the #1 premium skincare line in the US and stand with companies that have been in business for decades. I’m anxious to post my own before and after photos soon from using Reverse Lightening (lightens scars and dark spots) and Lash boost (grows and thickens your lashes).

I hope that my friends and family understand that I am not attempting to sell them on a get rich quick scheme or trying to sell them inferior products. This isn’t a get rich scheme, its direct selling which requires dedication and a thick skin and the products are anything but inferior. Y’all know I tell it like it is.

The positives: No parties. No Facebook groups. Just me posting once a week about the benefits of the products and how it’s changing my life and others lives. Pepper in a few giveaways and direct, personal, not “copy and pasted” messages from me about how it can transform your skin and your future. I love y’all and by being transparent about what to expect, I hope y’all can feel comfortable to jump on board and join me in this journey.

I have so many big dreams that I plan to accomplish by working for Rodan + Fields. Dreams that scare me. Dreams that may seem a little crazy. But y’all, It’s invigorating my spirit and I’m excited.

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