Falling off the Wagon

It happens.

Sometimes you start a diet, a workout plan, a project and you mean to finish it. Then 12 weeks later (enter your time frame), you find yourself wanting to give up, or for some reason, you’re just not as crazy about your journey anymore. I felt this way last week. I didn’t want to give up but I was just so tired and needed a break. My knees were hurting, I had ulcers in my mouth and I felt extremely tired yet I knew that I wouldn’t see the results I want if I gave up right at the end. I also know (personal confession…) that this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME I start a diet or workout plan. I am the master of starting things and not finishing. P90X? Started it. I lasted about 2 weeks. Broke my toe and never looked back.  Running a mile every day? Tried that for about 2 months. Just long enough for my sister to get in shape for basic training then I stopped.

I could let myself stop right now, just give it up and not finish what I started. I could do what I always do when it comes to fitness.

BUT I won’t. I am going to push through and finish. I allowed myself a break this past week in order to finish strong this week. Instead of finishing on March 21, I will be finishing on March 28! I hope that by putting this out there, I will feel the motivation to actually do it and not let you or MYSELF down.

If you don’t see me pushing myself this week, say something. I’m serious. Please message me and tell me to get off my lazy booty! (be nice though…geez) 🙂

I love you guys, and I want you to succeed as much as I want myself to. Lets rally around each other this week and push each other past our comfort zones.

Who run the world??? Girls!!!

Stay balanced y’all,