So you want to start Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide?

I’ve been RIGHT where you are right now. You’ve stumbled across this beautiful girl named Kayla Itsines and you’ve seen all of the body transformations and now you’re in awe. You have been thinking to yourself, “If only that could be me…” or “I don’t know where to even begin.”

First, let me tell you that the hardest part (other than the actual workouts), is the decision to actually start. Once you make that decision to buy her guide, you are already starting on your BBG journey and I hope you’re excited! (I AM!!) You are about to realize your amazing potential and how good it feels to take care of yourself using her guide and eating smart.

So you’ve bought the guide…what else is there to do? Well…

1. You need to pick a day, any day, preferably a day where you can really give it your all and START!

2. Once you pick a day, take a bunch of pictures of your pre-BBG body. Take pics while you’re flexing, in a bathing suit, from all angles and make sure to take your measurements (neck, biceps, chest, waist, hips, thigh and calve). Do this because it matters. It matters to be able to look at progress pictures and see a change when you’re not seeing movement on the scale in the direction you thought it needed to go. It might happen to you (I actually gained a couple of pounds of muscle initially) and when it does, you can just look at your progress pictures and know that you are making gains! Make those gains girl!

3. Invest in some decent shoes. The kind of shoes that will support you through the next 12 weeks. You will be glad you did. Oh, and wear socks. I know it sounds like a no-brainer but take it from me. Just make sure to wear socks. Blisters are not fun.

4. Get your gear together. A yoga mat is great but you can also use a couple of blankets for the workouts requiring a mat, just be careful of them sliding on the floor. Get some weights and a medicine ball. If you can’t get a hold of a medicine ball, use a water jug. Find a bench on Craigslist or use a sturdy chair.

5. Stock up on some Tupperware. If you are planning to also eat well throughout the next 12 weeks (something I highly recommend), then this part is a MUST. I also use mason jars a lot for yogurt and salads (I’ll post the mason jar salad recipe again soon). Start thinking of what you can make ahead of time and plan accordingly.

6. Start a fitness Instagram or use the account you already have and start making friends with people in the BBG community. Everyone is so nice and supportive! This community is the key to this guide working for you. I firmly believe that. Look up tags like: #bbggirls, #thekaylamovement, or just plain #BBG

7. START! Knock out that first workout and post a picture of your #deathbykayla face. Everyone in the BBG community will know exactly what it means. 😉

Now that you have all of the starting tools to get going on your new fitness journey, do you feel ready? Trick question! If you keep waiting until you’re 100% ready, you’ll never start so just get out there and kill it!  You’ve got this!

<3 Anna