Clean Juice Review

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First of all, doing a cleanse is scary!😳

I had A LOT of thoughts going into it…like “am I going to starve?” or  “is this even healthy?” or the “I”m gonna feel really bad if I end the day with a large pizza with extra cheese”.  Haha. Wellllll, the first time I tried a Clean Juice cleanse was last year before the beach with Clayton’s family. I was coming off the heels of the TIU Bikini Series and I was feeling good. However, I was cautioned to try something easy for my first time. I opted for  the “Juice till Dinner” cleanse which means I did the juices during the day and ate a healthy dinner, NOT pizza! 🍕


Fast forward to last Friday, I did a one day, all day cleanse. I posted about it on my Instagram (@balancing_in_sneakers) and FB stories ( and got SO MUCH interest from ya’ll that I decided to answer everyone’s questions on here!


What cleanses are available?

The Juice till Dinner Cleanse – 4 juices throughout the day followed by a healthy dinner. (I tried this one first!)

One Day Cleanse –  6 juices and is great for resetting your system.

Two Day Cleanse – Be a little extra and go with the 2 day cleanse. You get 12 juices with this one.

Three Day Cleanse – Go the extra mile and do the 3 day cleanse. This option comes with 18 juices.

Five Day Cleanse – Get a little crazy and go for the 5 day. You’ll get 30 juices.

Read more about the cleanses here.


What one did you try?

Recently, I tried the one day, 6 juice cleanse.


What did it taste like?

The sweet green was yummy and refreshing, the orange one was citrusy (I’m not a fan of orange flavored anything and I was able to get it down), the all green was YUCK (but worth drinking…so good for you!), the yellow one was like a spicy lemonade, the red one was VERY earthy because it was primarily beets and my favorite was the white because it was creamy and just the right amount of sweet!

To see me break down of how I liked each one, go here.


Did you lose weight?

While weight loss isn’t the intended purpose of a cleanse, I did lose about a pound of water weight that I gained back when I started eating normally again.


Can you drink coffee?

Yes, but only black coffee. It’s recommended to avoid caffeine while on the cleanse though. I made it almost all day but ended up breaking down and having a cup.  I typically drink 3-5 cups a day so having ONE wasn’t bad!


Did you get hungry? 

Homie, yes! I got really hungry! I chose to snack on a handful of almonds and 2-3 oz of lean chicken in-between. If you eat heavy, you run the chance of ruining the detoxification process.


Did you have to pee a lot? 

Sure did! I was in the bathroom every 30-40 minutes! Like clockwork.


How much does it cost?

  • 1-day juice cleanse – 6 juices, $51
  • 2-day juice cleanse – 12 juices, $102
  • 3-day juice cleanse – 18 juices, $150
  • 5-day juice cleanse – 30 juices, $250


Would you do it again?

100% yes. I plan to work my way up to the 5 day cleanse. I’m sure that journey will be youtube worthy if I ever reach that! My tip for anyone trying it is to make sure you drink plenty of water! LOTS OF IT! Also, start small! Don’t be a hero! One day is pretty tough!

Go check out their Instagram at @clean.juice or their website at!