January Wrap Up

So last August, I joined R+F in hopes of paying off a lot of credit card debt and to spend more time with family, especially my mom. I was working a side job and needed a break from the grind of working my usual 9-5 and then going to work again for another 3-4 hours. I thought to myself, “I’m going to give it a few months” and “I won’t grow a team”.

Haha, boy was I wrong. I’ve been in it for 6 months and while my personal life was a roller coaster, I still grew. It’s been a true blessing and I’m not just talking about the money. The friends I’ve made and the confidence I’ve gained throughout my journey is my favorite part. Here’s a breakdown of how the last 6 months went:

August 2017 – Joined with a 695 kit (best deal) and prayed, made double what I was making at my side job after two weeks. Started using Lash Boost and Reverse Lightening. Started to fall in love with my skin for the first time.

September 2017 – Quit that side job, gained 5 new consultants (and I wasn’t gonna start a team…yea right!!). Still working full time. Still busy with my mom. Still made time for my biz and it grew! My paycheck grew as well. Lashes were getting longer, skin was clear and the best it had ever been. I started wearing less makeup. Mom was getting worse. Spent a lot of time sitting with her. Worked while she slept.

October 2017 – Had a “business launch” at the Cabarrus Brewery. Had an amazing time. We did yoga. There were prizes. Signed 2 more business partners. Lashes still growing. Mom got moved to a nursing home and things got harder with her being so sick.

November 2017 – Signed 2 more business partners. Now making 4 times what I was making at my cleaning job over the summer. Carter Benton (an RFX Lexus achiever) came to speak to our team and friends and we had the best time. So inspiring. Mom got moved to hospice. Lots of late nights and tears.

December 2017 – Signed up 2 more business partners. Took a break for a while because my sweet mother passed away. My team supported me. I felt good stepping away for a while. Spent a lot of time with family.

January 2018 – Signed 1 business partner. Now making 7 times what I was making at my cleaning job. Got asked to train on social media at an RF conference with 120 plus people watching in person and over 2500 people watching live. It was incredible. Had an amazing time with my team (remember how I said I wouldn’t grow one, well…now there’s 15 of us, 11 direct to me and the rest are on their teams). I now regularly go out without makeup.

And the best is yet to come.

If you’ve ever thought, “hey, I might like to give this a try” or “I wonder if this could work for me” then let’s talk. Your journey might not look like mine. You may really only want to sell product and not build a team. You may want to build a team from the get go. It’s all up to you and how you want to work your business.


  • No parties
  • No inventory
  • No quotas to stay active
  • 4 options to join (45 -no products , 395- save 50 dollars , 695 -save 700 dollars, 995 – save over 1k)
  • Best products (number 1 skincare brand!!)
  • Best sisterhood

Love y’all! Thanks for reading.

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