TIU Bikini Series – Week 4 Recap

Week 4 Recap:

We’ve hit the halfway point and I’ve never been more motivated and excited to finish a workout program in my life. This is the longest I’ve ever lasted doing a bikini series with Tone It Up and I really feel like this is the time I will finish it! Just to clarify, I don’t always do exactly what’s scheduled for the week. I might switch days or workouts depending on the time I have to actually get it done. Remember, you have to make the workout schedule work for you and remembering that has helped keep me on track.

Week 4 starting weight: 145ish
Week 4 ending weight: 144.3

Here is a daily rundown of what happened this week:

  • 30 minutes of Cardio and the Tight and Toned video from BB5
  • Ate really clean all day, even at a dinner party where there were TONS of sweets and goodies (Go me!)
  • Prepped lunches and breakfasts for the week (egg scrambles and such)


  • 20 minute walk while watching TV
  • Yoga with my dog Coe (seriously, he was right by my side the whole time)
  • Ate clean again and had to explain to a coworker what chia pudding was and assured her that it was ACTUALLY really good even though it might not look appetizing.


  • 5 moves and 30 minutes of cardio with a stretch session before bed
  • Ate clean again except I had a glass of Rose after dinner! 🙌🏻


  • Since Thursdays and most Fridays are the days I clean an office building for 3 hours, I don’t normally workout because I get in about 8-10 thousand steps each time and work up a good sweat.
  • Ate clean until I got off from my second job and was craving pizza. Ordered myself a gluten free veggie pizza from Dominoes and dealt with the jokes from my boyfriend about how gluten free stuff is nasty! (It isn’t!)


  • No workout because I cleaned the office building.
  • Made rice paper wraps and got the boyfriend to try them. He didn’t seem to mind them even though he kept saying they reminded him of a sack that would be inside the body…which obviously grossed me out. Thanks, Clayton! <3


  • TIU meetup! We did a deck of cards workout and it was so much fun! I can’t wait to do another one.
  • Ate clean all day, even at a party where I very easily could have gotten off track. I started seeing visible results this week so I was super motivated to keep the momentum going.


  • Ran/walked a 5k and stretched a little.
  • Stuck to the clean eating routine.
    Went fishing with my boyfriend and enjoyed a relaxing Sunday!

I hope everyone has a great week 5! I am looking forward to everyone’s check-ins and progress photos!

Love,  Anna