TIU Bikini Series – Week 2 Recap

Hey everyone! I meant to write this post at the beginning of the week but life got in the way (y’all know how it goes) and I never got around to jotting anything down.

I’ve had an off week mainly because it’s my time of the month and I didn’t eat the best over the weekend (slight understatement). It’s so easy to slip up and get thrown off. I literally stepped on the scale on Monday and almost gave up. I had gained almost 4 pounds since I weighed in on Saturday. You can chalk that up to water weight gain and the large amount of “bad food” I had over the weekend (hello wedding food and wine).  I’m glad I had my TIU friend to talk to (shout out to Journey!) as well as my boyfriend and friends. Everyone’s been pretty dang encouraging and it’s nice to have support. I also want to note the encouraging messages I’ve gotten from the TIU community on Facebook and Instagram. Ya’ll are amazing and really kept me going! Thank you!

I am currently looking at my Week 1 TIU journal and thought I would share my notes and thoughts with you. I’m really glad I got this journal (I was skeptical…would I REALLY use it?) because its been really helpful to look back on and see where I could have done better or where I could have taken it easier on myself.

Monday (Day 1) –

  • Workout: Ran 2.3 Miles, 5 daily moves
  • Goals for tomorrow: get up at 6:45, do the meta-d shot, drink more water
  • Food: Ate well all day but had a burger and fries for dinner. Sue me. 🙂

Tuesday (Day 2) –

  • Workout: Did the Sandy Sweat workout and 5 daily moves
  • Goals for tomorrow: get up at 6:45 and go to bed earlier
  • Food: Very clean eating day, proud of myself!

Wednesday (Day 3) –

  • Workout: I started my second job on this day and had training after work. I normally sit all day because I have a desk job and in the 3 hours I trained that night (I clean an office building on the side), I got in 6,500 steps. Needless to say, I DID NOT workout that night. Can you blame me?
  • Goals for tomorrow: Feeling sluggish, need to take vitamins, go to bed by 10. (This is night 2 of getting only 5 hours of sleep)
  • Food: Another good day of eating healthy, however, needed to add on some calories.

Thursday (Day 4)

  • Workout: 5 daily moves, worked second job and got in about 11,500 steps. No extra workout.
  • Goals for tomorrow: SLEEEEEEP
  • Food: Ate well all day but when I got off work late around 10pm, I had chips and a Sprite. I was still within my calorie goals though!!

Friday (Day 5) –

  • Workout: Worked second job and got in about 11,000 steps again. I think I’ll count this as my workout from now on and stop beating myself up for not feeling like working out after I get off.
  • Goals for tomorrow: get up and workout tomorrow instead of sleep in.
  • Food: Another clean eating day in the books. I even went out with friends, had a light beer and opted for chicken kabobs instead of the other super delicious menu items I had to choose from at the food trucks.

Saturday (Day 6) –

  • Workout: Ran 3 miles, went to yoga! Met my goal of NOT sleeping in. 🙂
  • Goals for tomorrow: Run with Journey at the park (this sadly, did not happen…)
  • Food: Good until we got to the wedding, then it went downhill fast. They had BBQ and banana pudding and chicken tenders….UGH.

Sunday (Day 7) –

  • Don’t even wannnnna talk about it. I did manage to get in 12 minutes of running on the treadmill before our pizza was delivered for dinner though? 🙂

If you actually read all of that, you are a saint and I applaud you. As you can see, I had my ups and downs during week 1 and that’s okay! I’m glad I didn’t give up.

We are in the middle of Week 2 right now and this week I’ve definitely gotten more sleep, have eaten a few extra calories to keep my energy levels up and I’ve taken it easy on myself. Being healthy is a marathon, not a race. I can’t beat myself up for gaining a few pounds around my period or for having fun at a wedding and eating the good food. Life is too short and you need to enjoy it while you can.

Here’s to a great weekend and an even better week 3! DO NOT GIVE UP!

Now, I knowww y’all wanna see pics from the wedding 👰

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