FAQ about Rodan and Fields

If you’ve been following me for a while or know me personally, you know that my life is pretty much an open book. I can actually be a little too honest sometimes. Poop talk anyone?

I don’t treat my business any differently so here are some questions I’ve gotten before and very honest answers to go with them. It’s okay if you’ve asked these. I had some of the the SAME questions too and once I got them answered…I was able to move forward with confidence.

1. “Is Rodan and Fields one of those scammy pyramid schemes?”

You mean where all the people on the top make all the money, take the long vacations, fly on the nice jets, and get all the stock options while the people on the bottom work the most for the least amount of money and get 2 weeks of vacation every year? No!!! That’s called Corporate America.

BUT in all seriousness, pyramid schemes are by definition illegal and in a pyramid scheme, no real products are exchanged, yet our products are #1 in North America. So NO, we are most definitely NOT a pyramid scheme.

To further the explanation, there is ZERO inventory to buy and keep. There will be no mountains of product stuffed in a room somewhere that you can’t get rid of. Haha. Your customers will literally purchases from the site, corporate takes care of everything and you get a paycheck. Easy peazy.

To top it all off, the results are guaranteed and you can get a FULL refund within 2 months of use!

2. “Why does it cost money to sign up?”

Because it’s a business, not a job. You are becoming a business owner and your startup kit with the product portfolio is your “store”. Ask any business owner out there…did they have startup costs? Yep. And the 45 dollar option or product KIT option is a startup cost and it’s your choice of which one you pick. Key phrase, your choice. You are not required to purchase anything, however, the up to 50% discount on a kit is pretty freaking amazing.

3. “Is it a scam?”

Heavens no. I would never try to mislead my friends and family – many of whom are now enjoying the benefits of amazing skin and extra income. Two of the most respected dermatologists in the world, who also owned ProActiv wouldn’t base their next business on a “scam.” Social commerce is changing the landscape and opportunities like this have emerged. We would be CRAZY not to take advantage of a new way to market products. I leave you with this: Would Forbes Magazine feature and applaud a scammy business? Nope. So there’s that! Haha.

4. “How long before I make money?”

That’s 100% up to you. I have the steps to success (that I followed) and all of the tools you need to make money. The training is ALL on your phone and at your fingertips. You will have a community of women cheering you on and helping you. ‍♀ However, YOU determine your success. Nothing will ever be handed to you, it’s all up to YOU. This business works if you do. Period.

5. “Can I try it for a month and see how I do?”

YES and I’ll raise you another month because you actually have 60 days to try it. Pretty cool, huh?

6. Can I do Rodan and Fields if I’m no good at sales or have no background in sales?

Yep, you sure can (and NO I’m not BS’ing you). A lot of the people who have MAJOR success are busy, have or have had other jobs in the past that had nothing to do with sales. Think doctors, lawyers and the like. The key is being yourself and being transparent. The products are proven and voted Numéro uno by consumers so you don’t have to convince and trick anyone into buying them. Plus, our team has a specific way of training that makes sure you don’t come off as “that salesy lady” that we ALL can’t stand. You simply share the facts, live your life and get to be 100% you while also getting the best skin of your life.

If you have further questions, feel free to add a comment, email me or message me on Instagram or Facebook! ([email protected], balancing_in_sneakers on Insta or AJ Mann on FB)

You can also check out my website and poke around if you feel led: Annajean.myrandf.biz